• Singer Perfect Plus

    Sew a Mix-and-Match Wardrobe for Plus and Petite-Plus Sizes


    Kathleen Cheetham presents 4 enclosed patterns, step-by-step construction, and fitting instruction. Readers can create a wardrobe of versatile and stylish garments--which can be adapted for office wear, casual wear, or evening wear, just by varying the colors, fabrics, and finishing details. Never have to say you have nothing to wear again!

  • The Pocket Stylist

    Behind-the-Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Unique Look

    Professional fashion advice for all body shapes and sizes!

  • Pants for Real People: Fitting Techniques

    Any sewer will benefit from the fitting techniques featured in this informative DVD, a companion to Pants for Real People: Sewing Techniques . 

    Sewers will learn how to buy the right-size pattern, fine-tune it before cutting, and then tissue-fit it. 

  • Pants for Real People: Sewing Techniques

    This informative guide illustrates how to sew great pants that flatter any fit. 

    The tips and techniques within this useful reference include how to prepare and cut fabric, mark darts, sew zippers, pin-fit the fabric, press seams, and attach different styles of waistbands. 

    This DVD is a must-have to follow up the fitting DVD.

  • Big List of Sewing Blogs

    Big list of Sewing blogs - I'm in, are you?

All posts for the month April, 2011

The Grey Jacket – Petite Plus Princess Seam Jacket Pattern 202

I decided I needed a grey jacket to add to my wardrobe. Grey is such a great neutral color and can be worn with so many of the other colors I like and already have in my wardrobe and fabric stash. I wanted a particular color of grey though. I wanted something medium dark, great […]

The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook

I’ve been reading again. Surprise, surprise. This time it is The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook by Charlene Phillips (ISBN: 978-0-89689-623-0). This book was an easy and fascinating read about the history of sewing machines, what attachments came standard with many of the older machines, and how to use all those weird looking contraptions that come […]

What Size Sewing Pattern Should I Buy?

You take your measurements carefully. You buy a pattern that lists your measurements. You spend hours making the garment. The result? It doesn’t fit! How frustrating! After a few experiences like this, you are tempted to give up on sewing altogether. You just buy whatever clothes fit the best in the store and wear them. […]

Pattern Alterations with the New Table

Pattern Altering Table

A sewing client wants me to alter a skirt pattern for her. I rough cut the pieces and used a very hot iron to smooth them first. Here’s where I encountered a problem with the fusible pellon grid. The iron I use for this purpose is an older iron that gets very, very hot but […]

Fusible Pellon Grid

Work Table with Fusible Pellon

I ironed on the fusible pellon grid directly to the table top of my new work table to give me “permanent” straight lines for lining up patterns when I’m altering. Here’s how I did it: Straightened the cut end by cutting carefully along 1 line. Pinned the pellon directly into the cork table top, aligning […]

White Vintage Model 782 Sewing Machine Back in Service!

White Sewing Machine Model 782

I had to travel the 2 hours to “the city” yesterday so I scheduled an appointment for Mom’s old sewing machine to the repair center. I was able to get the tune up done and pick it up before coming home again. Today this vintage sewing machine is officially back in service. It doesn’t look […]

Sewers vs. Sewists

If you have read many of my blog posts, you may have noticed that I refer to people who sew as “sewists” rather than “sewers”. I choose the term “sewists” because the term “sewers” can be pronounced two different ways. “Sew-ers” or “Sue-ers”. “Sue-ers” of course being the pipes that drain waste water! Not the […]

New Jacket Patterns

Black and White Figure Flattering Quiltwear Jacket Sewing Pattern

Check out these beautiful, figure flattering, black & white quilted jacket patterns we have added to our website! Multi-size pattern that’s great for Intermediate sewists. Make several in different colors!

Sewing and Craft Storage

I have this wonderful little storage box in my sewing room. It actually mounts right on the wall. The little drawers are about 2″ x 3″ and about 8″ long. The drawers are clear and I’ve labeled each with its contents. The drawers are large enough to hold: packages of twill tape or bias tape […]

The Sewing Machine Guide

I’ve been reading again . . . I’m a bit of a “book”-a-holic! Written by John Giordano in 1997 (ISBN #9 781561 582204, Taunton Product #070308), this book includes the following chapters Introduction Chapter One – Smart Ways to Think About Sewing Chapter Two – Smart Ways to Choose a Sewing Machine Chapter Three – […]