• Singer Perfect Plus

    Sew a Mix-and-Match Wardrobe for Plus and Petite-Plus Sizes


    Kathleen Cheetham presents 4 enclosed patterns, step-by-step construction, and fitting instruction. Readers can create a wardrobe of versatile and stylish garments--which can be adapted for office wear, casual wear, or evening wear, just by varying the colors, fabrics, and finishing details. Never have to say you have nothing to wear again!

  • The Pocket Stylist

    Behind-the-Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Unique Look

    Professional fashion advice for all body shapes and sizes!

  • Pants for Real People: Fitting Techniques

    Any sewer will benefit from the fitting techniques featured in this informative DVD, a companion to Pants for Real People: Sewing Techniques . 

    Sewers will learn how to buy the right-size pattern, fine-tune it before cutting, and then tissue-fit it. 

  • Pants for Real People: Sewing Techniques

    This informative guide illustrates how to sew great pants that flatter any fit. 

    The tips and techniques within this useful reference include how to prepare and cut fabric, mark darts, sew zippers, pin-fit the fabric, press seams, and attach different styles of waistbands. 

    This DVD is a must-have to follow up the fitting DVD.

  • Big List of Sewing Blogs

    Big list of Sewing blogs - I'm in, are you?

All posts for the month June, 2011

What is a “princess” seam?

It took me years and years of sewing before I finally learned what a princess seam was. Princess seams are flattering to almost all figure types. They will enhance your waist, if you have one, or give you a waist if you don’t. They add another vertical line in your garment which elongates the figure […]

Another Great Sewing Resource Book

Here is a quick review of Practical Sewing: Step-by-step to perfect dressmaking and home sewing by Ann Ladbury and published by Rand McNally & Company in 1976 (ISBN:528-81039-1 [Hardbound]/528-88198-1 [Paperback]). This book is another “must-have” resource for any sewists library. It includes very comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of sewing-related topics for any level […]

New Video – How to Thread Antique Singer Sewing Machines

Yesterday I finally got the voice-over and editing done on this video. It is now available on youtube. In spite of the lack of a camera person, I think it turned out OK. What do you think? All feedback is welcome. How to thread an Antique Singer Sewing Machine

A Modern Method To Finding Your Best Colors

I’m not putting a picture with this post – you’ll see why in a bit. As I mentioned in previous posts, many women, like me, have “mirror blindness,” that is, we can’t see ourselves objectively in a mirror. The best way I’ve found to overcome this problem is to look at a picture or video […]

Shopping Online for Sewing Fabric – Tips

Like most sewists, I love shopping for fabric. Set me free in a fabric store and you can generally pick me up in a week or so. However, I live in a remote area with only 1 local fabric store and they cater to quilters. Almost every bolt in there is 100% cotton. Great for […]

Homemade Pin Cushion

Many sewists recommend using sponges for pin cushions but I found something better and cheaper. I bought this kneeling pad at the Dollar Store for $1.00. It cuts easily with a sharp utility knife. It is dense enough to hold pins and needles securely but soft enough to push them in easily. Cut it to […]