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Building a New Wardrobe for Petite Plus Size Women – Constructing the white/navy print blouse

This is about the construction of the sleeveless blouse from the white and navy print t-shirt type of material. I used a shell pattern I’d altered awhile back because I didn’t have much of this material. I also had to include a center front seam as there wasn’t enough fabric to cut it on the fold. Other than around home, I’ll only ever wear this blouse with a jacket or cardigan to cover my arms.

I barely had enough fabric to cut out the pieces of this princess seam shell. I did alter the neckline to make it a v rather than a jewel shape. I decided to sew this top together on my overlock machine to make it up quickly. I found some plain white bias tape in my stash to edge the armholes and neckline with and it worked great.

Navy/White Shell Completed

Navy/White Shell Completed

I wanted to disguise a few construction necessities (like the center front seam) so I found some 5/8″ wide navy ribbon in my stash of sewing trims and some 1/8″ wide silver trim. I used the ribbon 1/4″ away from the bias tape around the neckline (front only) and layered the silver trim right in the middle of the ribbon. Then I had just enough ribbon to run three strips down the front (covering the center front seam) and I over laid the silver trim down the center of the middle strip of ribbon too.

Lastly, I decided to try one of my machine’s decorative stitches around the hem. Not only did it work great because it’s a wide grouping of stitches so holds the width of the hem, but it also added enough heft to make the hemmed bottom edge of the blouse lay nice and flat and hang well. That actually turned out great. I’m glad I tried it.

Navy & White Shell Blouse Neckline Trim 1

Navy & White Shell Blouse Neckline Trim 1

Navy & White Shell Blouse Neckline Trim 2

Navy & White Shell Blouse Neckline Trim 2

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