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Building a New Wardrobe for Petite Plus Size Women – Beginnings

Welcome to my new blog!

I am brand new to blogging so bear with me please.

Getting to know me:

I am . . .

  • 5’4″ tall and plus sized
  • a sewer (out of necessity but have discovered I love sewing) for 20+ years
  • an animal lover (I evaluate fabrics based on how much they will attract cat and dog hair!)
  • a former teacher 15+ years
  • afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis for 10+ years
  • childless (not by choice but I’ve come to terms with it)
  • a Canadian
  • the wife of a farmer/mechanic
  • a horse lover and breeder/seller of Paints (see them at www.truecolorsfarm.com)
  • now working from home selling sewing supplies and notions products online at www.ciscosewingsuppliesandnotions.com and www.ciscosewingsuppliesandnotions.ca

Since choosing to work at home, I now have time to sew!


I recently attended a sewing workshop by Kathleen Cheetham, author of Singer Perfect Plus and owner of Petite Plus Patterns. Ms. Cheetham is also the designer of her own line of patterns specifically tailored for petite plus sized women (they are for sale on her website and are wonderful designs).

Sewing Studio

Sewing Studio

I have never been happy with my wardrobe. Because I have been plus sized all of my life, I learned to sew my own clothes as much as I could. However, I never was all that good at it. Fitting myself was hit-and-miss. Finding clothes in a store that fit me was just as difficult.

Since attending Kathleen’s workshop, and ordering a few DVD’s on fitting (Kathleen’s on the Petite Plus Jacket and some from Palmer/Pletch on fitting jackets and pants – all great DVD’s btw) I have found a renewed interest in creating a whole new wardrobe for myself.

Altering Table

Altering/Work Table

Kathleen’s book, mentioned above, is a wonderful inspiration. In it she gives step-by-step instructions on how to begin and build a wardrobe. Not only that but the book contains the patterns to build the pieces and Kathleen shows how she’s done just that. What a fantastic value for plus sized sewers!


Sewing Machine and Table

Additionally, I have been studying The Pocket Stylist by Kendall Farr and Flatter Your Figure by Jan Larkey and  have found LOTS of great information in them too.

In my studies I have found that petite plus sized women need to be looking for certain elements in clothing such as, items with vertical lines/vertical seaming, well-fitted clothing, and carefully chosen prints and fabrics, colors and styles. Objective studying of your body frame is necessary to enable you to choose the styles that will complement your figure assets (we all have some) and camouflage your figure liabilities (we all have them too).


Serger with my junk all over.


Since I am just beginning this process, I decided to blog about it so others could share the journey with me. Perhaps other sewers will be inspired or re-inspired to sew a wardrobe for themselves too!

Piece by piece, I will be sharing my altering of patterns, choosing of fabrics, and construction of garments to build a wardrobe from scratch. I invite readers to share their sewing projects as well.

As of now, I have altered two of the four patterns in Kathleen’s book, the flirty skirt, and the blouse. I still need to alter the slimming jacket and the pants patterns. I have also altered another of Kathleen’s Petite Plus Patterns, the Princess Seamed Dress (sold seperately from the book).


Paper Tape Dress Form


Dressform with Jacket

A few years back, I had my husband help me to create a homemade dress form in my image. My body has changed a bit but it is basically still a fairly accurate model. It has been a tremendous help to me as I have no one else to help me. So often I’ve wished I could just step outside of my body for a few seconds to fit something and using this dressform allows me to do just that.

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  1. pat kapsak

     /  August 10, 2011

    Excited to have found your site and look forward to sewing with you !! But for some reason the pics are not showing , hope I can figure this out soon !!! yikes. thank you


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