• Singer Perfect Plus

    Sew a Mix-and-Match Wardrobe for Plus and Petite-Plus Sizes


    Kathleen Cheetham presents 4 enclosed patterns, step-by-step construction, and fitting instruction. Readers can create a wardrobe of versatile and stylish garments--which can be adapted for office wear, casual wear, or evening wear, just by varying the colors, fabrics, and finishing details. Never have to say you have nothing to wear again!

  • The Pocket Stylist

    Behind-the-Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Unique Look

    Professional fashion advice for all body shapes and sizes!

  • Pants for Real People: Fitting Techniques

    Any sewer will benefit from the fitting techniques featured in this informative DVD, a companion to Pants for Real People: Sewing Techniques . 

    Sewers will learn how to buy the right-size pattern, fine-tune it before cutting, and then tissue-fit it. 

  • Pants for Real People: Sewing Techniques

    This informative guide illustrates how to sew great pants that flatter any fit. 

    The tips and techniques within this useful reference include how to prepare and cut fabric, mark darts, sew zippers, pin-fit the fabric, press seams, and attach different styles of waistbands. 

    This DVD is a must-have to follow up the fitting DVD.

  • Big List of Sewing Blogs

    Big list of Sewing blogs - I'm in, are you?

Cats & Sewing

Mikey picture

Mikey - Bluepoint Ragdoll

I am a cat lover. If not for my husband, I would probably be “the proverbial” cat lady with a hundred cats! (He keeps saying, “We don’t NEED anymore cats!”)

One of my favorite sayings is “Cats are like potato chips…you can’t just have one.” And moving from two cats to three is really no big deal. Once there’s three, four is not far away. And so on.

How many cats do I have? Before I answer that, remember I live on a farm…

Currently, I actually have 6 “garage” kitties and 5 in the house. The garage kitties are all strays who moved in and stayed here. They can get into the heated garage anytime through a cat door. This way they are fed and watered and protected but still keep the mouse population under control. The “house” kitties are two old ones 17+ years old and 3 younger ones, two of which are Ragdolls. The house kitties have an enclosed run with a cat door they can access anytime. Other than that, the house kitties are kept inside.

I dearly love all the cats.

I also love sewing.

In my old house, I didn’t have a dedicated sewing room. I left partly finished products out on the sewing table all the time.

THEN my aunt told me a story about her two expensive Himalayan cats. One day, while she was away, they got a spool of her thread and started playing with it. Because of the rough tongue a cat has, and their difficulty spitting something like thread out, they swallowed yards and yards of thread. She had to rush them to the vet where, because the ingested thread had actually cut into the internal organs, colon, etc., they both had to be put down.

Mikey picture

Mikey - Isn't he sweet?

I was horrified.


After I heard about that, I was very, very, very, obsessively, OCD-like careful with thread. I never left my sewing machine threaded when I’d finished with it. I made sure every spool was inaccessible to the cats. I wouldn’t even leave the trash with all the thread clippings out.

When we were planning the new house, it was MOST important to me to have a dedicated sewing room where I could close the door, keep the cats out, and protect them from a terrible and tragic death.

I tell everyone I know who sews and has cats about this so I can help prevent any more cats from dying from ingesting thread. Please help me spread the word.

(All of my cats are spayed/neutered.)

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