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White Vintage Model 782 Sewing Machine Back in Service!

White Sewing Machine Model 782

White Sewing Machine Model 782

I had to travel the 2 hours to “the city” yesterday so I scheduled an appointment for Mom’s old sewing machine to the repair center. I was able to get the tune up done and pick it up before coming home again.

Today this vintage sewing machine is officially back in service.

It doesn’t look much different on the outside but looks CAN be deceiving.

Even after years of neglect and storage, this machine still worked but I wanted a service done so I wouldn’t do any damage by using it. Doug (great guy-thanks Doug!) at Central Sewing in south Edmonton did his usual fantastic job of cleaning, tweaking and oiling this machine for me and he even used nail polish or something similar to permanently mark where I am to oil it regularly to keep it working great.

Now, it sews the same amazing stitches it used to when I was a beginner sewist  just learning with it.

I also found out that this sewing machine does indeed have a LOW SHANK – pretty standard for machines from that era. Now I can buy presser feet and attachments to my heart’s desire with confidence¬† they will work on this machine. (All Mom’s feet and attachments are missing.) In fact, the feet for the Elna 2004 that I purchased a few months ago also fit the White! I’ll be able to use the same ones on both machines. Wow!

For $10, I was able to download the correct manual which I printed out and put into a duo-tang. Manuals always help!

Even though I am an experienced sewist, I still needed instructions on how to thread this machine properly for twin needle stitching and how to set stitch length, width, type, etc. on this particular machine as they are all a little different. This one also has a wonderful bobbin winder but I had to remind myself how to use it.

Now, what to sew, what to sew . . .


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  1. LUXX559

     /  June 8, 2011

    Hi I just bought a White 782 at Cherry Swapmeet in Fresno. Beautiful machine I am a biginer any tips u can spare?

    • Barb

       /  June 8, 2011

      Absolutely, LUXX559!
      First, let me congratulate you on your EXCELLENT purchase!
      Find a sewing machine repair shop in your area and take your machine in for a complete cleaning and tune up. Plan to take it for regular tune ups every few years and make sure you ask them to permanently mark each area you should oil. Purchase some sewing machine oil while you are there. These machines are worth their weight in gold.
      Other than regular maintenance, you will find your machine to be a real workhorse!
      The machine can be removed from the cabinet easily. No need to take the cabinet in with you.
      If you need a manual, e-mail (cisco@ciscosewingsuppliesandnotions.ca) me. I have a pdf version I will share with you.
      What additional feet did you get with your machine?
      You need to know that the White 782 machine uses “low shank” type feet. Many, many different feet and attachments can be found on eBay for little cost.
      You want to have an all-purpose “zig zag” foot to start. The next foot to buy is a “walking foot” or “even feed foot” and an adjustable “zipper” foot. You can also get a snap on foot adapter if you wish. It will allow you to purchase snap-on type feet which are easily changed without removing the screw each time. The screw has to be removed each time you put on the walking foot. You’ll see why.
      I have been sewing for a lot of years and am always happy to help beginners.
      We can discuss more via e-mail.
      I’m so VERY happy and excited for you!! Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sewing!
      And thanks so much for your comment on the blog.

  2. Jane

     /  September 27, 2011

    My 782 was stolen, a white with blue model in mint condition, and it was in a beautiful heavy oak sewing desk with brass hardware, all the accessories, manual in mint condition, cams, etc. If you run across one like this for sale, please let me know. If it’s mine, we’ll get the burglars as this was my most prize possession other than my child’s photos, most of which were sold. If it’s not, my insurance company will pay for it to replace mine. Thanks!

  3. Jane

     /  September 27, 2011

    Hi, my mint condition 782 was stolen along with many other items from my house. This was my most prized possession other than photos of my child. It was white with blue and had the manual, accessories, cams, etc. in a gorgeous heavy oak sewing desk with brass hardware and a knee bracket to put the foot pedal in. If you run across anything like this, please let me know as it may be mine and either way I want it. Thanks! Reward for recovery.

  4. Elizabeth

     /  October 7, 2011

    Does Doug have a phone number, e-mail address or website? I’m having trouble with the clutching/declutching mechanism assembly on my White 782 and could use an assist.

    • Barb

       /  November 13, 2011

      Just Google “Central Sewing” in Edmonton, Alberta. They have 2 locations. You want the number for the South side location. Ask for Doug.

  5. Clifford (the husband)

     /  November 13, 2011

    I restored a White 782 for my wife Sheila, and BOY does she love it!! It is a white and turquoise

    Levis that fit, and work cloths that work.

    She mentioned that her 782 really is a workhorse and would not what to do without it. Simplicity at it’s finest, maintenence is a breeze (an annual cleaning and oiling).

  6. michele

     /  March 14, 2012

    how much does this machine weigh

    • Barb

       /  October 3, 2012

      I’ve no idea although it is a fairly heavy machine. I wouldn’t want to lug it to classes!


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